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Before addressing this question with a straight YES or NO answer, it is best to understand how much man has learned through observations that the way to good health can be maintained through good nutrition.

During the times of long travel on ships to discover and explore new worlds, men have suffered from Scurvy. This disease if left untreated can lead to death. It shows as spots on the person's legs and thighs. He will look pale, depressed and partially immobilized. In advanced stages, he will have open, suppurating wounds and loss of teeth.

This disease is rare today but some infants maybe vulnerable to it if they are bottle-fed. In infants, it is called Barlow's, Moeller's or Cheadle's disease.

Hypocrates described the disease in his days (460 BC ­ 380 BC). In 1536, Jacque Cartier, a French Explorer, boiled the needles of Eastern White Cedar for tea taken from the local native's knowledge to save his men from the dreaded disease. The tea contained 50 mg of Vitamin C per 100 mg. It was not until 1932 that an American researcher at the University of Pittsburgh established the connection of Scurvy to Vitamin C. It is unfortunate that unlike other animals, we humans do not have the ability to produce vitamin C.

Beriberi is another disease, which is caused by lack of B1 Vitamin.

Glyconutrients is the newly discovered science of healing being noticed by the medical community. Like Vitamin C where we rely on diets to acquire it for our body's healthy functions, it seems we also need essential saccharides to keep our body functioning healthy as well. Like Vitamin C, we can only derive saccharides through proper diets. Without it, we are starving our body from the raw materials it needs to do its important task like ridding our body with daily dosage of toxins from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breath we face every day.

You probably have applied some of them in your life. Take for instance, aloe vera to treat simple cuts and bruises. You may have used Echinacea to help fight sore throat and cold symptoms. You probably are taking Glucosamine for joints. The commercial formula "Cold FX" is made up of polysaccharides to help the body fight the onset of colds.

If man's history is any indication, it took a long time for the established medical community to be swayed into believing that a disease maybe a result of a simple lack of nutrients. From the time of Hypocrates when scurvy was described to 1932 before the medical establishment finally accepted the connection with Vitamin C, we will probably not know in our lifetime that the other diseases we are experiencing today may simply be caused by lack of nutrients.

So we can say that vitamins and minerals may not cure diseases but the lack thereof will surely make us vulnerable to developing many deadly diseases.


Gershon ­ Cerebral stroke
Became paralyzed. Mobility restricted to wheelchair. Relied on spouse to help in daily activity. Took DXN's RG/GL 30 pairs for seven days. He was able to walk again and doctor was speechless. Blood pressure is normal with "No Prescription Medication".

Naty ­ Kidney Failure
Two weeks of DXN's RG/GL pairs and with Spirulina.
She is off Kidney Dialysis with "No Prescription and Medical Intervention".

Reynaldo ­ Hepatitis B
Doctor's prognosis is incurable. Took DXN's RG/GL 30 pairs plus 12 Spirulina tablets. No pain and all body organs are functioning normally. "No Prescription Medication"

Before After
Lita Jamito ­ Cancer of the Pancreas
Pancreas was surrounded by cancer tumors. Took DXN's 5 pairs of RG/GL. Left hospital after 3 months with no signs of tumor. No Medical Intervention required.



Statistical analysis is the tool used to understand results from a clinical study. It is a way to disregard aberrations from what might actually be occurring.

Let us take the Firestone Tire and Ford Explorer Saga as an example. When the initial report of accidents caused by treads peeling off the tires which lead to eventual loss of life, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) did not take action because the number of accidents at the time was so small that it was considered an aberration rather than statistically significant. NHTSA finally took action when more and more accidents were reported due to the same cause.

The recorded benefits derived from Reishi mushrooms dates back over 4000 years in China. Today, thanks to the commercialization of its cultivation, many more people are experiencing the benefits of Ganoderma. It maybe that the people experiencing health benefits are without the scrutiny of a clinical study, but the sheer number of them in the thousands is difficult to ignore because in statistical terms, they are significant.



Our greater mobility and efficient transportation system have made many things available to us. We can buy fruits that are not even native in our area. However, we all know that we get the most nutrients by consuming the freshest of fruits ripened from a tree and the freshest of vegetables just harvested from the garden. But, because our agricultural industry has become too large and complex, they are vulnerable to large losses. It is this threat that their priority is more focused toward the survival of their operation. They use chemicals to prolong the shelf life of their produce. They use chemicals to help increase their yields and as a result, certain minerals are disappearing from our daily diet. The Earth Summit of 1992 in Rio has confirmed that the average American soil is 85% depleted from minerals. Take selenium for instance. A trace element but the absence of it in our diet may result in easily acquiring cancer, neurological disease, aging, rheumatism and inflammation.

When is the last time you have eaten a ripened fruit from a tree? How often do you eat fresh vegetables? Do most of your meals come from prepared foods?

If you are health conscious, you are likely consuming multi-vitamins and some minerals. Are you also including other herbs and essential oils in your diets? Glucosamine and chondroitin for joints, is just one example. How about lutein for eyes? Are you considering CoQ10 for the heart? Are you including flax seed oils and Omega 3,6,9 as well?

You could easily spend over $300 a month just on food supplement for staying healthy. Would it not be better if you consider one food supplement that does it all for you? You will likely stay in the program longer because you save money and thereby remaining healthier. Ganoderma is the one herb that comes closest to it. It is no coincidence that the ancient Chinese medical text dubbed Reishi as the King of Herbs. It has 200 elements compared to 8 from Centrum multi-vitamins and the price is not going to break your bank account.

Again, it is best to understand that Ganoderma is a food supplement and like the vitamins and minerals, it does not cure any diseases. However, the lack of it in our diet puts our body at a disadvantage in warding off and fighting the many dreaded illnesses and incurable diseases we are exposed to in our daily lives.



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